Have you had enough of feeling the way that you do?


  • Do you hit the snooze button and dread getting out of bed in the morning?


  • Are you full of energy and in peak fitness, or do you feel drained, lethargic and lack motivation all the time?


  • Do you go out there and grab all that life has to offer, or do you lack the confidence to do and feel afraid in case you fail or it all goes wrong?


  • Does your life currently look anything like the life of your dreams?


Life is precious and passes us by so incredibly quickly. Without good health, confidence and feeling great, it’s unlikely that you’ll fully live even half of the life you’re capable of living and that’s one hell of a waste.alarm clock

Most of us put of fully living until we end up in a rock-bottom situation or until they are faced with their own mortality or a debilitating disease. They wait until they’re diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or simply get to the point where they have had enough and force themselves to change.

You are here just once and if you’re putting off fully living your life the way you want to live it or not taking care of your health then you are massively short-changing yourself.

Ask yourself, where will you be in 12 months, 5 or 10 years time if you don’t make the changes that you need to now? Will you be another 10lbs heavier, a whole lot unhappier, or on route to a debilitating health condition?


Why wait to fully live?

If you keep hitting the snooze button on your life, then it’s time to stop. Stop putting things off until the ‘right time’ as the ‘right time’ rarely comes. Taking action CREATES the right time.

You deserve to feel incredible and totally alive. An amazing life is yours for the taking, you just need to commit to taking the actions and making the choices that will create real, lasting change.


You are EXACTLY where you should be right now...

Whether you're stuck in a toxic relationship, in a job you hate, overweight, or just a fed up with where your life's going; you are in exactly the place that you created right now. All of your past choices, actions, reactions and beliefs got you to where you find yourself today. The thoughts you had, the choices you made and the actions you took were yours, nobody else’s.

You created where you are today, but equally, you have the power every time that you make a choice, to create an entirely different future...


So what do you need to do?

1.Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility for where you are right now is the very first step to success.

It may sound simple, but in reality, we all know that accepting responsibility can be a pretty tough thing to do. Admitting that you’ve created your life as a result of the choices you’ve made or the beliefs that you have about yourself, isn’t easy. It means facing facts head-on and confronting some home truths. It means giving up your excuses, victim stories and making the decision to stop blaming everyone and everything else in your life.

Very few of us like to accept responsibility and yet those that do, tend to achieve their goals far more quickly and successfully than those that don’t.

Nobody else is ever going to live even one second of your life, so if you’re not happy with it, it’s up to YOU to change it.

Taking 100% responsibility is liberating. It allows you to become free of limitations and put the control of your life firmly back in your own hands.


2. Ditch The Excuses!

Excuses keep you stuck in life. If you want things to be different, then ditching the excuses is absolutely non-negotiable.

Excuses keep you safe because they protect you from facing your fear- a fear of failing, change, success or just the unknown. They allow you to remain a victim and provide the perfect justification for not taking any action.

Don’t feed what you don’t want. You’ll never achieve your ideal weight, fantastic health or true happiness by living a life fuelled by excuses. You will either stay exactly where you are, or you’ll end up moving even further away from your goals.

Swap excuses for decisions, as ultimately it’s your decisions that will get you to where you want to be. People, who achieve their goals don’t make excuses. They make decisions that create results.

So ask yourself, what excuses are you making right now that are holding you back and keeping you safe? Are you going to continue to limit yourself and stay trapped where you are, or are you going to take responsibility for your life and swap your excuses for the decision to make a change and have the health and life you deserve?

For every excuse not to try, there's an over-riding reason to just do it...

Our excuses range from not feeling good enough or not having enough time, to worrying about failing or what other people think of us. These thoughts are natural and we all have them.

No one likes to face the embarrassment and pain of failure and we’re conditioned to play it safe and fit in with the ideals and beliefs of others. It takes courage to step up and realize that for all the reasons not to do something, there is just one reason why you should… and that’s because you’re worth it.

If you something passionately enough, you will pull out all the stops to make it happen.


3.Try Again...

If you’ve tried to achieve a goal and failed before, the chances are that your self-confidence will have taken a bit of a battering; you’ll have been hurt, embarrassed and this may be the point that you chose to give up.

However, just for a moment think about how you’d feel if you got to the end of your life having never given it another go, just so that you didn’t have to risk failing again? What if you were to succeed this time around, imagine how great that success would feel?

The rewards of success far outweigh the temporary negatives of failure and the most successful people on the planet are those who have failed many, many times. With each failure there is lesson to be learnt that will help you to get it right next time around. Learn the lesson and try and try and try again.

You never fail until you give up. Acknowledge the critics and your fears, and just get on with making it happen.


4.Take Action

Action is the key to everything. Without action, a goal is simply a wish. It’s action that will turn it into reality.

Action connects the body and the mind. Rather like a snowball effect, the more positive actions that you take; the more positive results you will create. In turn, you’ll feel more confident of your abilities to achieve and more powerful as a person. Likewise, if you feel that your efforts are futile and you expect to fail, it’s unlikely that you’ll bother taking any action at all. At best, you’ll put in a half-hearted effort that will create poor results. This reinforces your belief that you’re not capable and keeps stuck where you are, feeling miserable and hopeless.

Our minds are great at imagining what we want and how things should be. It’s easy to visualize yourself with a perfect body; feeling healthy, strong and bursting with energy and confidence. Yet the problem comes when the inner part is disconnected from the outer part. Without the outer action, we remain stuck and trapped as we are. No one’s ever become slim by sitting on the sofa visualizing all day! That’s why it’s essential that you take control of your mind AND your body, if you wish to gain control of your life.

We’ve all got million-and-one ‘legitimate’ reasons why we should procrastinate, break resolutions or hit the snooze button on our lives. But the difference between the person who remains feeling that way and the one who achieves their goals, is simply their ability to push themselves to take action even when they don’t feel like it.


Quite simply, the biggest obstacle that you will ever face in your life is YOU. Your mind-set determines how you think, feel and act. So if you’re used to sabotaging your own success or giving up when things get tough; the chances are you’ve probably got a pretty negative mind-set right now.

The success of getting what you want can be largely determined by whether you allow your negative mind-set to take control, or whether you push through and take small daily actions that will build momentum, and create the confidence and energy to take the first step, and the next, and the next…

So if you’re pretending that you’re ok, but you’re not; quit pretending. Stop putting things off. Ditch your excuses and stop being a victim.

Take responsibility and make the decision to take back the control of your health and life TODAY. Life is amazing. YOU are amazing and you deserve all the health and happiness in the world. 

This is your wake up call!

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