I’ve decided that job security is massively overrated. Ok, so we all like to know where the next pay-check is coming from, when we’ll be receiving it and exactly how much it’s going to be. It makes us feel secure and comfortable. But the question I ask myself, is at what cost is this to our happiness?

Yes, it can give us freedom, but sometimes it can actually be a ball and chain instead. It keeps us feeling safe and secure (even if we’re terribly unhappy in our work) but it can also keep us stuck and too scared to take a risk, follow our passions and chase our greatest dreams. .

For several years I worked as a teacher and whilst it was rewarding most of the time, it certainly wasn’t my passion. It cut into my family-time and drained my energy, but I stayed in the job because it not only enabled me to pay my bills and have few financial worries, but it also allowed me to build my dream business as a coach on the side.

During that time I worked so incredibly hard. Each morning before work and every evening after putting the kids to bed, I’d do something small; I'd write a blog post, work on a new course or create marketing funnels etc- no matter how exhausted I was, I took that step and never gave up.

Yet no matter how hard I worked, my business struggled to grow. Instead of just getting out there and serving those that I could help so much, I sat on the sidelines and waited patiently for clients to somehow magically find me. I stayed quietly hidden, never feeling like a ‘proper’ coach and instead, I lived and breathed the persona of a teacher because that was how I showed up in the world day after day.

I was a highly qualified, competent coach; I’d studied coaching for over a decade and certainly knew my stuff. Inside, I knew that I was great at what I did, but I struggled to call myself a coach because it was always something that I did on the sidelines.

I realized that whilst there’s a lot to be said for having a job to bridge the gap between having a stable income and making it as an entrepreneur, it’s vital that it’s a job that doesn’t bring you down in the process. Creating a life and business you love requires energy and you need to be fully living a high-vibe life. When your day-job drains you mentally and physically, you’re only left with the dregs of your time and energy to work on your passion at the end of the day.

By not fully committing to my passion and instead choosing to stay in a job that made me feel secure but unhappy, I was ultimately telling the universe and myself- "I don’t trust you."

I was telling the world I was a teacher, not a coach because I allowed my identity to be attached to my so-called ‘proper job’, rather than to who I truly was from the heart.

The time came when I knew that I had to either give up on my dreams or take a leap of faith. I realized that I’d never make enough time or space to do what I loved unless I took responsibility and trusted both my ability to create anything I wanted in life and the knowledge that once I was open to receiving, the universe would always provide.

The day I handed in my notice was one of the most liberating days of my life. I pushed through my fear of the unknown, knowing that whatever happened, I’d figure it out. I remember walking out of the office feeling so light, free and happy, with the knowledge that I was walking into an incredibly exciting future…an authentic future, a future my terms.

The most amazing thing was, that the moment I made the committed decision to act, my life changed. I still had to work my notice, but I became a coach overnight. I lost the old identity that I’d attached to my day job and became the happiest, most authentic version of myself to date. I was able to serve with confidence, knowing that all the hustle from previous years had been an essential part of my journey and taken me to the place where I could serve with grace, knowledge and experience.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that self-doubt and lack of faith in the universe didn’t kick in a few times, there were days that I felt terrified and questioned whether I’d done the right thing. But the more I trusted, served from the heart with no expectation and and let go of the outcome; the more perfectly the universe provided.

Within 4 weeks of giving in my notice, I worked with more clients than I’d worked with in the entire year beforehand. I’d matched the income of my day job and doubled it within 8 weeks. Most importantly though, I got to do the very thing that lights me up and makes me feel so alive.

By trusting myself and taking that leap, I finally got to create my days just how I want them. Every day I feel so blessed to work with amazing clients and be able to make a difference to the lives of others…and to be able to call it my ‘work’!

So in short, what I learnt is that when you’re brave enough close the door, to stop settling for less than you desire and instead, commit to trusting yourself to realize your truest desires; a world of opportunity opens. Life changes in an instant. You grow to meet the challenge and you finally allow the universe to provide what’s already yours.

Trust yourself and listen to your heart…


  1. Sharon Miccoli on March 30, 2018 at 7:22 am

    Thanks for sharing this, so much of this rings true to my life too.

  2. Isabelle L. on August 15, 2019 at 9:55 am

    Very inspiring. Your post moved me.

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