We all have the most powerful, inner guidance system, yet because it speaks to us in a whisper, we often don't even hear it.

Have you ever made a decision, yet something inside was telling you not to do it?

Have you ever continued to date someone despite your gut telling you they weren't right for you?

How often have you neglected to listen to your intuition? Yet, how often do you wish you had?



As we grow up we tend to be taught to look for answers outside of ourselves. To trust the media, society, our parents, teachers or other figures of authority, but rarely do we get taught to trust ourselves.

Yet the answers are always within. Our unconscious mind holds so much wisdom, knows us with such intimacy and will always have the answer which is in our best interests.

But intuition is subtle, which means that unless you're clearing your mental chatter long enough to listen to it, it's unlikely to get heard. Take the time to tune-in, clear your over-active mind and turn off all distractions so that you can access your intuitive intelligence.  When you do this through meditation or quiet time, clarity is the result.



When you get an ah-ha moment, act on it. Your first thought is most often your intuition speaking. You can pretty much guarantee that your second, third and fourth are those directed by your ego or your fears. The ones you get once self-doubt, worry and other limiting beliefs have had the time to kick in and add their opinion to the matter too. Trust me, they are usually the opinions and beliefs of others that you've adopted and aren't even your own.

The more you act on your intuition, the more it'll start speaking to you and as you build your trust in it, the more powerful results you'll see. Whether it's a good feeling or a negative, trust it and make your decisions from that space, totally free from doubt.



Use your journal to guide you. One of the most amazing exercises I've done for this is to be still, ask a question, listen to your inner wisdom and allow the answer to flow effortlessly through your pen to the paper. I cannot begin to tell you how powerful doing this can be!



Finally, tune-in to your body. Our psychology always affects our physiology, so if a person, situation or potential decision leaves you feeling uptight, drained or gives you the feeling of knots in your stomach, then it's probably telling you that somethings not right for you. Likewise, if you feel energised and excited, your body is whispering answers then too.



So if you want to up-level your life and start living it in the fullest, most authentic way for you, then start tuning in. Clear the clutter within your head and from outside of yourself, and learn to trust the part of you that really does know best.


Listen. Act. Grow.






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