How many times have you made excuses in order to justify putting off going for your goals, or to give up entirely and quit? Excuses keep us safe. Of course they ensure that we don’t have to risk the embarrassment of failing, but sadly they also ensure that you live a half-lived life.


Ask yourself; “If you could guarantee that you wouldn’t fail, what would you attempt to do?” How different would your life be? Would you ignore your critics; take bigger actions and approach obstacles with ease and anticipation, knowing that you’d find a way around them?


Just imagine how liberating it would be if failure, defeat and quitting didn’t exist. Would you sign up for a marathon? Set a goal to get back to your ideal weight? Or maybe start your own business? If you could guarantee that you would succeed, your life and goals would change beyond belief.


Think about the goals that you may have set yourself in the past; would you have set the same goals if you knew that you simply couldn’t fail? Unfortunately, most of us spend our lives playing it safe and settle for what’s easy, rather than following our hearts and going for what we truly want.


If like most people, you aim for small goals that are easily achievable and failure is unlikely, then your motivation is likely to be equally as small. When we settle for something that's easy, we tend to lack the passion and desire that ultimately keeps us motivated and fired up. It’s the ‘fire in your belly’ kind of motivation associated with going for what you truly want more than anything, that will keep you going when things get tough and will ensure that you develop the persistence to get to the finish line. Without it, you’re far more likely to lose focus or give up when you face a setback or obstacle.


When was the last time you dared to dream really big?

Was it when you were a child? What happened to those dreams? It’s sad that so many of us dream big, but keep them safely inside for fear of appearing foolish. We may write them down and promise ourselves that we’ll do them “one day”; but inevitably “one day” rarely comes.


The good news is, that it’s hard to fail when you’re truly fired-up and focused on your goals. Admittedly, things might not go to plan the first (or second and third!) time around; but if you learn from the experience, it then becomes FEEDBACK not failure. Providing that you use feedback to do things differently next time, you’re simply one step closer to success. So unless you quit, failure is virtually impossible.


Failure only happens when you don’t bother trying or give up entirely.

Think about all of the goals that you’ve never achieved. Did you really give them everything you’ve got? Did you get back up and try and try again or did you give up far too easily? Sadly, most people never realise just how close to success they are when they quit.


If you choose to create the most awesome, inspiring goals and decide that failure and quitting just aren’t an option; how different will your life be? Only you can decide whether you’re going to settle for something that’s safe or give up easily, but just Imagine what you could achieve if you decide that failure isn’t option...

Take Action...

The challenge I have for you is to live just one day as if you simply couldn’t fail. Imagine that failure didn’t exist and just go for it for an entire day.
Will you be more confident in your actions? What phone calls will you no longer be afraid to make? What risks will you be prepared to take? What things will you get crossed off your ‘to-do’ list that so far you’ve been too scared to do?

Without a doubt, this exercise will challenge you. But by taking a leap of faith and stepping out of your comfort zone, your day will start to unfold in a way that you that will totally surprise you.

Take massive, determined action and you’ll start to realize that you have huge potential and that the only things holding you back from achieving your dreams are self-belief and fear of failure.

Of course failure exists, but it will only stop you if you let it.


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