I used to think that all I needed to do was meditate, visualise and spend a few minutes each day really FEELING the emotions associated with what I wanted to attract into my life. Whilst that worked great to a point and more great things did come my way, I stopped far short of attracting what I really desired.

What I didn’t realise is that manifesting our future happens in EVERY MOMENT of every day.

I knew that It’s our thoughts that give our life direction and when we focus on lack we become resistant to allowing true abundance in.

I also understood that by consciously focusing on more peace, love, joy and thinking about the things that we want to have in our lives, we naturally raise our energy to the levels we need to attract it.

BUT what I didn’t realise is that if we just practice gratitude, meditate and visualise first thing in the morning and then by default, spend the rest of the day feeling frustrated, worrying about a lack of money, time or health etc, then we will always meet with resistance.
These are contradictory thoughts and will naturally block us from creating the things we desire.

AWARENESS was key to turning this around. When I started to notice each thought and feeling throughout the day, it became crystal clear how I was subconsciously creating so many blocks.

So if like I was, you’re struggling to see what beliefs are blocking your success right now, then why not create a thought diary for a few days?

Write down all the negative thoughts and feelings that you have, or any statements that you keep repeating throughout the day and begin to create a moment by moment awareness of what’s really going on in your mind and your thoughts about life.

This exercise really helps to highlight the blocks and self-limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back. Once you’ve identified these, then you can start on the inner work to remove the blocks with positive self-talk and coaching in order to manifest freely...

If you’re ready to drifting through life and are ready to start to create a life on your own terms, contact me for your complimentary 90 minute coaching intensive and together, we’ll make a plan to make it happen!

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