Allow Yourself To Shine…


We all know that woman who can just walk into a room and immediately light it up with the warmth and love they emit. They appear to be magnetic; people are instantly attracted to them and want to bask in their energy.

These people are often not the most stereo-typically beautiful, yet their beauty shines like a diamond. They may not be the most intelligent or highly educated person in the room, yet we hold onto their every word like it’s gospel. They have character in abundance and they certainly aren’t afraid to let it shine.

They are no more special than anyone else, they are simply in-tune with their authentic selves and love themselves so unconditionally, that they have no need to seek approval from anyone but themselves.


As a coach, one of the biggest challenges I have in my work is helping my clients to love themselves fully and see for themselves, what I see.

I see women who are so stunning in their own uniquely, perfectly imperfect way. These women have an empathy, compassion and humility that make them so incredibly beautiful from the inside out.

I see how the internal scars they hold from their struggles are their gifts and a reminder of the lessons learnt, struggles they’ve overcome and the strength of character they’ve built along their difficult journeys.

I see how their open fears, vulnerabilities and raw emotions make them so beautifully real and relatable.

I watch in awe as they overcome setbacks, step through their fears and take challenging actions, all because they have a passion and belief in a cause far bigger than themselves.

These women inspire me beyond words and I feel so privileged to share in their journey. They are simply amazing, yet all too often they struggle to see this themselves. They still feel ‘not good enough’ and struggle to give themselves the permission to allow themselves to shine.


The media preys on our insecurities. We waste so much time and energy, trying to squeeze ourselves into the false image of perfection, rather than embracing our own unique beauty. We compare ourselves to photo-shopped images of what the advertising market has deemed as beautiful, rather than learning to love everything about ourselves, from our big ears, wonky teeth and dumpy toes…it’s all gorgeous and it’s what makes us all so wonderfully, quirkily different.


Your body is uniquely beautiful and if you’re reading this now, then it’s also doing a pretty fine job of keeping you alive and protecting you thus far, so it deserves all the love and nurturing you can give it whilst it carries you in your current form through this relatively short journey.


We compare ourselves to those people whom Facebook have chosen to send via sponsored ads in our newsfeed, who are way further along in their business journeys than our own. We beat ourselves up for not being ‘there’ yet. For not having as flashy a website, landing page or marketing funnel as the person we perceive as a success. We forget that they were exactly where we are at one point too.

Wherever you are in your life right now is exactly where you’re meant to be. There are lessons to learn, choices to make and growth to happen before you take it to the next level and create a brighter future. You’re not ‘behind’ anyone else; you’re not less than anyone else, you are MORE than enough just as you are, where you are.

Our need for perfection and instant success negates the journey that ultimately is your life. The high’s, the lows, the challenges and the growth are the breadth of our lives, it’s time to treasure every part of it and find joy in wherever you’re at.


When we embrace who we are and love ourselves fully with compassion and kindness (that means even the bits we perceive as negative) we are able to unapologetically show up in the world and give the very best of ourselves. How we treat ourselves sets the tone for how others will treat us also and the love we give ourselves becomes infectious to those around us.


So challenge yourself today, to become the woman who can light up a room. Who can fill her cup so fully with love that it overflows as a gift to everyone within her path. Nurture yourself; nourish your body inside and out, surround yourself with people who feed your soul and take time to connect with nature…it’s a great reminder that a flower never needs to compete with another flower, it just simply blooms.

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