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Are you a woman who’s fed up with her current circumstances and ready to step up and commit to change?
Do you feel that you’re living a life that someone else wants you to live?
Do you feel that you’re meant to do, be and have so much more in your life?
Do you know what you want, but just don’t know how to get it?


I’m a coach and mentor for the free-spirited, purpose-driven, entrepreneurial woman, who knows that she’s capable of so much more...

When you up-level all areas of your life, get clear on your passion, purpose and learn to break through the limits of everything you previously thought possible, then you will create an abundant, joyful life and business, that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you have been holding yourself back. You may well feel trapped in your current circumstances, or worried about the sacrifices you feel you would need to make in order to create the life and business you desire. It doesn’t need to be hard at all.

Stop settling for a life and business that doesn’t fulfil you. Take the first step to creating the one you truly desire TODAY...


For free-spirited, purpose-driven women who are ready to take charge of their lives and invest in themselves, ignite their passion and create the successful business and life they truly desire.


For entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurial women who are no longer prepared to settle for what no-linger serves them and are committed to creating extraordinary success on their own terms.

For women who are ready to embrace their brilliance and fulfil their unique and beautiful purpose. Knowing that they will be supported every step of the way.



  • Feel lost, directionless and worry that life is passing you by?


  • Feel that you’re currently living life by someone else’s rules, but have a fire in your belly and know that you’re meant for so much more?


  • Feel trapped by a career that no-longer serves you and desire to create a real difference to the world?


  • Self-sacrifice and always put yourself at the bottom of your priority list, making it feel impossible to find the time and energy to create success?


  • Design your life and business on your own terms and simply follow your passions and your heart?


  • Have the courage to just go for it and trust that the way to make it happen will appear once you start?


  • Ditch the fear and release the limiting blocks that are holding you back, so that you could step into the highest version of yourself and create the life and business that makes you feel totally alive and fulfilled?


I want to thank Geri so much for the super life coaching that I currently have the pleasure of receiving from her. Every session leaves me smiling, glowing with validation, support,potential and realism!
From the moment I met Geri, over two years ago, I knew I could trust her to gently and kindly hold me to account and be totally there for me and my growth. This Spring I began that journey and I was so right!
Thanks to her, my head and focus are clearer, my passion for life ignited and my self love improved beyond recognition. 
Anyone who needs a nudge getting back on track needs Geri right there beside them.
Thank you, thank you, thank you



"Before working with Geri, I felt totally lost in life. I'd recently moved to England, had lost my confidence, was overweight and stuck in a career that I hated. I knew that I wanted more from life and I also wanted to be a positive role model for my teenage son. 

Geri was recommended to me at a time when I knew that I needed to make big changes, and boy did I make them! 

Her passion and positivity for life is infectious. She's helped me be see the big picture that I wanted and set realistic, bite-size goals that would move me forward in record time. After just six months, my life has completely turned around. I'm buzzing with confidence, slimmer, fitter, in a new job that I love and my weekends are now filled with travel and wonderful experiences with my son, rather than sat on the sofa catching up with a ton of paperwork." - Rosie Chapman




Geri helped me to identify the stories that had held me back for so many years. She taught me to value myself and to understand that I really can choose how I create my future. Now, instead of feeling stressed and frustrated with life, I feel excited and happy, knowing that I'm finally becoming the woman I was always meant to be.

-Maria Gormley

“Geri is an incredibly intuitive and talented coach. She has such a warm and natural coaching style and a wonderfully gentle way of asking the tough questions needed to create real transformation. The lessons and strategies that I've learnt whilst working with Geri have enabled me to connect to my true values and passions and create a future that fits. Geri is a brilliant coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a sincere and caring coach."

-Sara Truman